Laser Cutting Services

High Speed Laser Cutting

Thanks to investment in industry leading laser cutting technology, boasting 6kw fiber and CO2 laser capability, we are able to cut a wide array of metals up to the following thickness:

Mild Steel - 25mm
Stainless Steel - 25mm
Aluminium - 25mm
Copper - 10mm
Brass - 10mm

Trumpf Highspeed Eco – The Game Changer. More throughput, lower consumption

Laser cutting is like racing – a good machine must be coordinated so that it reaches the target without manual readjustment. With the Highspeed Eco cutting procedure, we can set speed records for nitrogen cutting with a solid-state laser.


Trumpf CoolLine

Specifically used for thicker materials, the CoolLine function sprays water coaxially onto the processing point through a special nozzle. Heat is drawn away from the sheet through the vaporisation energy of the water.


Trumpf BrightLine

TRUMPF BrightLine technology represents a breakthrough in laser cutting capability. It is a technology that allows more beam diameter adjustability.